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Thank You Women of Washington DC

Master AdmissionsInspiration Thank You Women of Washington DC

Thank You Women of Washington DC







The 85 Broads DC Chapter is outstanding! Last Tuesday, I was able to talk to about 30 wonderful chapter members about Leadership & the MBA. With the help of Jhaymee Wilson, and Wharton EMBA graduate, Joy Quinn, we covered a lot of ground.

We talked about a number of resources for potential students of graduate business or joint programs.  I of course shilled my own blog, posted on 85 Broads and on the Master Admissions website. There you can find useful tips on getting your quant skills MBA ready , standardized testing skillsrecommendation wrangling, and storytelling at the interview .

We also talked about other resources, and for great material and zero cost, I cannot recommend MBA Podcaster enough.  This site is filled with balanced audio and video resources – it’s sophisticated and easy to navigate.  I’ve learned a lot from this site, and am a big fan of the founder, Leila Pirnia, an MIT entrepreneur.

But Wait, There’s More!

Very briefly, here are a few more resources we discussed:

Fellow 85 Broad member Alison Levine – her website is here at alisonlevine.com.

Daniel Goleman, the author who popularized “Emotional Intelligence” discusses this subject in the original Harvard Business Review article on “What Makes a Leader?”  A discussion of how this all applies to business school and essay writing can be found here.

List of business schools that take GRE as well as the GMAT

TED talk on the brain’s plasticity by Jill Bolte Taylor

Finally, in our discussion of the brain and learning, one member mentioned books by Steven Pinker,

If I am forgetting anything, please let me know! It was a wonderful evening, and I look forward to hearing more from the wonderful, exciting, emerging leaders of Washington.  You ladies rock!