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Yes, you do want to invest in GMAT Prep

Master AdmissionsUncategorized Yes, you do want to invest in GMAT Prep

Yes, you do want to invest in GMAT Prep

People who use GMAT of GRE prep courses and tutors do better than going alone.
I’ve said that for years, but now I have analytical proof it is true.

There are a million reasons not to go it alone. I even tell people that if they have a limited budget, spend it on test prep, not an admissions consultant like me. That’s because the tests are not intuitive, and it just makes sense to learn not just tricks, but ways to make the most of the time you are given  — to study and to take the test.

So the punchline is this: if you take a class, you’ll do better than going alone. If you have a tutor on top of that class, you’ll do the best yet.   This isn’t just something I read in Poets & Quants.  I wrote the article.  I crunched the numbers. I tried to figure out what the data was telling me.  It was just like business school!

But there’s a material, like about a 30 point difference if you use both a tutor and a a class, vs just studying on  your own.  And which prep company does the best in that? Manhattan GMAT. But seriously, I promise nobody paid me to say it.

There’s a lot of data in this article — A LOT, but if you are a number cruncher like me, you will find something for everyone.

For those who don’t have time:

Manhattan GMAT: platform only, average of 73.6 test score increase.  With a class, an average of about 104 test score incresase.  With a class and tutor an average of 118 point increase.

But if you are completely cheap and think that you don’t have the money to spend on a class or tutor (which is .016% of the cost of business school), then go with Magoosh.  Because the Magoosh platform alone is better than some provider’s classes. Magoosh alone gives you an average increase of about 91 points, but that’s if you only use Magoosh!  Doesn’t make obvious sense, but that’s how the numbers came out.

Here’s the link again:

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